Golden Circle, South Coast and the Glacier Lagoon 7 Days

Day 1. Arrival day

Airport pick up, breakfast at the Viking Museum  (

And then drive to Reykjavik for check-in at your hotel, city tour later that day.

Day 2. Golden Circle and geothermal farm tour.

The Golden Circle tour takes you to experience Iceland’s natural gems. Our first destination is the beautiful Þingvellir national park, where Iceland’s first parliament, “Alþingi,” was established in 930 AD. (UNESCO World Heritage site since 2004). Next, we cross the mountain road of Lyngdalsheiði, passing through Laugarvatn lake to reach the famous Geysir hot spring area where you can see the geyser Strokkur regularly erupt every 5-7 minutes. Geysir is only a short drive to Iceland’s best-known waterfall Gullfoss which cascades down 32 meters into the mighty glacial river Hvita. You can see it up close and listen to its roaring thunder

You will have enough time to enjoy and create great memories to take back home on this day tour.

Highlights: Thingvellir National Park, Walk between continents, Parliament of the Vikings, the geyser Geysir and Strokkur, Gullfoss, Friðheimar tomato greenhouse.

Lunch at the restaurantsFriðheimar:(

Optional Activity: Snowmobiling on Langjokull glacier, a departure from Gullfoss.

Day 3. Westman Islands

Westman Islands is off the south coast of Iceland. It consists of 15 islands. Heimaey (“Home Island”) is the biggest and the only settlement on Vestmannaeyjar that is inhabited year-round.

In the 20th century, the Heimaey eruption of 1973 and most of the population was moved to the mainland.
Surtsey is the southernmost island in the Vestmannaeyjar cluster. It is also the only one that has formed in historical time, or in the largest underwater eruption in historical time. The volcanic eruptions took place from 1963 to 1967.
Eldheimar exhibition is about the 1973 volcanic eruption in Vestmannaeyjar, without a doubt one of Iceland’s biggest natural disasters. You can see how people lived on Heimaey before the eruption that change their lives forever. The show also covers the Surtsey eruption (

Optional Activity: Rib Safari, Volcano ATV, Golf

Highlights: Vestmannaeyjar Islands, Eldfell Volcano, Eldheimar Museum, Puffins, Elephant Rock, Viking Church

Day 4. South Coast and black beach Skaftafell national park.

Driving south towards Eyjafjallajokull, the volcano that erupted so memorably in 2010., one of the taller waterfalls in Iceland, a small path will take you behind the waterfall to enjoy a different view of it. Then a short drive east is, one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iceland which offers a spectacular view. Then after a short drive, we will be in Vik where we will have a lunch break and then we will hop into one of the 4×4 super trucks to go get to the ice cave. Then after we will have a short drive to the hotel.

Optional Activity: Ice Cave Tour Under the Volcano Katla

Highlights: Uriðafoss, Eyjafjallajokull, Seljalandsfoss and Skogarfoss waterfalls and more..

Day 5. Glacier lagoon, Diamond beach.

We will have a picturesque drive, with the glacier Vatnajokull on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. By the roots of the glacier, you’ll see the Glacier lagoon Jokulsarlon, where magnificent icebergs float in the lagoon breaking from the glacier tongue. You can often see seals swimming in the lagoon or sunbathing on the icebergs. You can take a boat tour in the lagoon from mid-May to mid-September, which we highly recommend. You will have time to walk on Diamond beach. We will then drive to the fishing village Hofn for lunch then after we will
drive to Stokksnes before going back to the hotel.

Highlights: Black glacier Beach, Svinafellsjokull Glacier, Diamond beach, Glacial rivers, Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, Vatnajokull glaciers, Small villages, and more.

Optional Activity: Zodiac boat tour

Day 6. ‬Skaftafell park Dyrholaey and more

We will drive to Skaftafell national park and do an easy 2-hour hike, if the weather is good, and take a look at the beautiful waterfall Svartifoss, and from there we will drive to see Fjadrargljufur deep winding river canyon, about 2 million years old, with panoramic views. Then we will drive to Vik take a short lunch and then go to Reynisfjara where you can see the impressive rock formations situated near the shore spectacular sand beach whit beautiful basalt columns and where the roaring surf of the mighty Atlantic Ocean blasts on the shoreline. ( Dangerous waves are so sneaky so please be extremely careful when visiting these beaches, never turn your back to the sea and the waves).

Highlights: Skaftafell, Svartifoss, Fjadrargljufur, Vik, Reynisfjara, Hálsaneshellir cave, Dyrholaey and more…

Optional Activity: Glacier hike or Ice climbing

Day 7. Blue Lagoon Retreat.

The day starts by experiencing the geology wonders of Reykjanes peninsula. The landscape is similar to the moon’s surface, lava caves, mountain cliffs, and geothermal activity, with panoramic views. Next, we will visit the Seltun hot springs, where you can walk amongst hissing steam vents and solfataras and bubbling mud pots in many beautiful colors with the unmistakable smell of sulfur and feel the geothermal activity in the ground. Then we will drive to Selatangar to see the old ruins of a fishing outfit abolished after 1880, and then we will follow the coast and drive through the fishing village of Grindavik. Finally, continue to the tip of the peninsula where you will find the roaring North Atlantic breaking on the cliffs, and lava fields looking like the moon’s surface, before going to the Blue Lagoon where you can relax in the warm pool and in enjoy the retreat spa offers.

Highlights: Lake Kleifarvatn, Hot springs Krýsuvík / Seltún, Krýsuvíkurbjarg Cliffs, Grindavik Fishing Village, Blue Lagoon, Secret stops

 Important to book in advance. (

Day 8. Departure

Transfer to the airport

Duration: 7 Days