ABOUT ALWAYS ICELAND - Luxury Adventure Tour Operator

Always Iceland is an luxury adventure tour operator and we are here for you to make your dream vacation come true in Iceland. We will help you to see all the startling things that you can experience in the Iceland's breathtaking nature.

Always Iceland offers both luxury transportation and all-terrain vehicles for the adventurous to make your travel in Iceland as pleasurable and to make sure your experience is a memorable one.

Always Iceland is a registered tour operator by the Icelandic Tourist Boards. Our customers are from all over the world. We pride ourselves by offering the best service possible and work only with recognized and qualified parties.

Always Iceland offers a wider range of tours for the travelers, regardless of when you desire to visit Iceland. All seasons have their own different charm, there are always occasions to experience something new. Every season in Iceland will leave you with a load of unforgettable memories.

Always Iceland is is ensured by the insurance company TM ( https://www.tm.is/english )

Always Iceland  Cancellation – Individuals
10% of the price of your tour is nonrefundable, for booking & preparing your tour.
90% refund if cancelled 15 days or more before start date.
50% refund if cancelled 10 days before start date.
15% refund if cancelled 5 days before start date.
No refund if cancelled less than 24 hours prior to departure or no-show at pickup.

Always Iceland Cancellation for group tours.
30% refund if cancelled 2 months before start date.
No refund if cancelled less than 1 months before start date.



Oli j Kristjansson

Oli is the owner of Always Iceland

About Oli
Oli is the owner and guide for Always Iceland. Oli was born in Hafnarfjorður but the first seven years he lived in the United States. When he moved back to Iceland the summers were spent on a farm in the countryside with relatives. Oli is educated Stonemason and also Meat processor. He enjoys exploring the Icelandic highlands, traveling the country. Oli made driver guiding his main occupation 10 years ago. Oli is very knowledgeable about the history of Iceland and enjoys sharing this knowledge with his clients.​